Frequently Asked Questions

Delivery + Shipping

Where does Sendo currently deliver?

We're launching with home delivery in Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn. ​For special requests in Long Island, New Jersey, Westchester, or elsewhere, please email us at or DM on Instagram @sendo_ny

When will my Uni arrive?

Our delivery window ranges from same day to one week from date of purchase. The variance depends on weather conditions at our docks, current inventory, and our schedule which fills up quickly every week. If you require a box by a certain date, we recommend ordering 1 week in advance.

Do you have free delivery?

Delivery is free for purchases above $200. For others, there is a flat $10 charge.

How long does the Uni stay fresh?

Our Uni is fresh for up to 5 days after delivery, athough we recommend consuming within 2 days for optimal freshness (especially Ensui trays). Trays must stay refrigerated.

What's the difference between Saltwater and Classic Uni?

The differences are very subtle -- in terms of flavor, the saltwater helps Uni maintain it's sweetness and adds a briny finish. Texture-wise, saltwater is a bit creamier and melts in your mouth. Overall, they are quite similar.


DM:       @sendo_ny